Many males experience breast enlargement due to the development of excessive breast tissue or fatty tissue or a combination of both during adolescence. This is often a source of distress and embarrassment. Gynecomastia in males requires surgical intervention and is treated through liposuction or a direct excision of fat.  The goal is to help remove this unwanted fat and breast tissue and restore a more natural male chest contour.

A physical examination is required to determine which method is best for the patient.  If the majority of the excess tissue is composed of fat, liposuction and direct excision of fat without removal of any skin may provide adequate correction. However, if there is a large amount of redundant skin associated with the breast enlargement, then removal of this excess skin may be required. A cannula (a small instrument inserted under the skin) is used to remove the fat tissue by liposuction. Excess glandular tissue is directly removed through excision.

The procedure is usually outpatient and performed under general anesthesia and requires one to two hours of operating time. Compression garments are worn to help reduce swelling and bruising and maintain the sculpted shape. Patients may return to work within three to four days depending on the nature of the work. Most swelling and bruising has resolved within two weeks and patients may resume exercise within three to four weeks.