A breast reduction is a procedure that surgically removes excessive breast tissue and results in smaller, perkier breasts. Patients who have large breasts (hypermastia) experience physical discomfort due to pain in the upper back and neck accompanied by deep shoulder grooving.

Poor posture and lifestyle challenges such as finding proper clothing including adequately fitting bras or difficulty exercising are a common complaint. Patients may also experience emotional problems due to embarrassment, self-consciousness, and anxiety.

This procedure has a high degree of patient satisfaction and many patients report immediate improvement in their condition. Placement of incisions will be explained and tailored to your body.

Sometimes medical insurance companies may pay for a portion of the procedure but often come with restrictions and limitations that could affect the size of the breasts following surgery. For this reason, many patients prefer to simply pay out of pocket foregoing the complications of working with insurance.

Breast reduction surgery is performed outpatient under general anesthesia and usually takes three to four hours. Most people return to work within seven to ten days with some minor restrictions.