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I am a mother of three and struggled with underarm fat/bulging.

 I never felt confident about wearing tank tops or bikinis until meeting Dr Deigni. He walked me through what could be done to eliminate the excess fat and extra skin. I was so impressed with his professionalism and positive attitude I had to allow him to work on me. He completed liposuction to the underarm and also excised fat and to date I have no issues! I am more than happy and now very confident in what I wear. My struggle is over! Thank you Dr Deigni for making me feel good again.       ~~E Mendez

I am beyond satisfied with the results of my mommy makeover!

 The results are so natural that when I tell people I’ve had cosmetic surgery they are shocked. I’ve had to show my scars just to prove I had a tummy tuck! While shopping for bras several of the attendants wanted to know who my dr was because it is the best tummy tuck they have ever seen. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Love Dr. Deigni and his whole staff! They made the whole process as comfortable as possible for me!


I struggled with deciding to remove my implants… 

and consulted with many Dr’s but they all recommended to replace instead of remove. They would not listen to me until i consulted with Dr. Deigni. I was/am so impressed with his calm professionalism and positive attitude I immediately felt comfortable with my decision to explant. The procedure was quick and painless. His staff is amazing. Mrs Debra is a gorgeous sweet heart. I will be returning to Dr. Deigni for future procedures. He’s top knotch in my book. I will & do recommend him to anyone!                                                                           ~~~MJ

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